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LinkedIn and HireIntel: A Step-by-step Guide
Introducing HireIntel, a go-to hiring platform to hire the best-fit candidates without spending days. Trusted by the BIG names, HireIntel is an AI-powered HR tool that helps companies find the best-fit candidates for job roles by screening, shortlisting, and interviewing from the sources panel tool — all on autopilot mode.
8th June 2024

You have a critical role open, and the clock is ticking.

You source candidates, meticulously screen resumes, shortlist the ‘Best’ matches, and then... the job interview marathon begins.

Hours are spent on repetitive initial interviews, only to discover the chosen ones lack the key qualities you truly need.

This old-fashioned, manual hiring process is frustratingly slow.

The thing is, resumes don't always reveal the whole story, and interviews can be subjective. 

The result?

You're left with a pile of wasted time and a talent pool that might not hold the perfect fit.

Here's where we can change the recruitment process dramatically.

Introducing HireIntel, a go-to hiring platform to hire the best-fit candidates without spending days. Trusted by the BIG names, HireIntel is an AI-powered HR tool that helps companies find the best-fit candidates for job roles by screening, shortlisting, and interviewing from the sources panel tool — all on autopilot mode.

HireIntel’s Compatibility with LinkedIn

HireIntel integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn, boosting your recruiting efforts. Here's how:

1. Streamline Applications: Applications from LinkedIn posts flow into HireIntel's central platform, eliminating manual work.

2. Using LinkedIn Jobs: HireIntel is also compatible with LinkedIn if you are posting a job on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Jobs — as a company page.

3. Using Personal Account: There are times when you may need to have candidates’ attention using a personal account. Luckily, posting a HireIntel job link on a personal LinkedIn account is a breeze.

4. Leverage LinkedIn Jobs with HireIntel: In the ‘Apply’ section, you can choose ‘External Link’ and paste the HireIntel application link.

5. AI Pre-screens Applicants: HireIntel's AI streamlines job postings on LinkedIn and effortlessly identifies suitable candidates, automating the process for seamless recruitment.

Attract a wider talent pool, streamline your process, and hire smarter — all while saving time and resources with HireIntel and LinkedIn.

Hireintel + LinkedIn = The Hiring Dream Team

Since a vast number of job seekers frequent LinkedIn, utilising HireIntel alongside it creates a powerful recruitment strategy.

This guide will walk you through seamlessly integrating HireIntel with your LinkedIn recruiting efforts.

While LinkedIn excels at connecting professionals and showcasing profiles, it lacks functionalities for in-depth candidate assessment and efficient management of the entire hiring cycle.

HireIntel bridges this gap by providing features like:

  • AI-powered Screening: HireIntel uses AI to shift through hundreds of resumes, saving you hours.
  • Automated Interviews: HireIntel conducts initial interviews using AI, saving you even more time.
  • Candidate Ranking and Scoring: HireIntel ranks candidates based on their fit for the role, providing valuable insights.
  • Centralised Management: HireIntel keeps all candidate information organised in one place.

Beyond LinkedIn: Hire Faster & Smarter With AI

It’s time to ditch the resume shuffle and do beyond what is possible with HireIntel's AI.

HireIntel is not your typical recruitment tool, it allows you to get the most out of day-to-day job-related stuff, such as listing a job (setting up the criteria — job description, skills, experience, etc.), autopilot setup, and launch. 

This requires no prior skills or knowledge of how job portals or professional networking websites work. 

This means you don’t have to worry about anything.

From pre-screening to screening to AI interviews, everything will be taken care of by HireIntel’s smart AI tool.

Best part? Everything is streamlined.

If you feel stuck or don’t know what question to add that a candidate will be asked during the hiring process, you can use the ‘Generate with AI’ option to do the magic for you.

When everything is said and done, click ‘Launch’ to set up the application link on your desired job portal or professional networking website like LinkedIn. 

The coolest thing is that you can also share your job post on LinkedIn, directly from the launch. And, you don’t even have to write the job description (JD) for it.

Now, let’s see this in action.

Creating a Job Posting With HireIntel

Use this guide to create job postings with the HireIntel tool. 

Setting Up the Application Link for Job Portal

Upon completing the ‘Launch’, you will get an application link. You can use the link provided to set up the application link on your desired job portal.

Then, you also have another option, i.e., posting directly on LinkedIn. 

Now, for this approach again, you have two options: using AI-generated content (or a pre-built template) to post the job on LinkedIn, or you can customise the JD as you like and then go ahead.

You can also click ‘Post on LinkedIn’, to directly post your HireIntel job to LinkedIn.

How Does Candidate Listing Happen?

Once a candidate applies through HireIntel, their profile is automatically added to the candidate pool.

This eliminates manual data entry and ensures all applications are centralised.

Under the ‘Job Listings’ section, you will see the overall job listings based on the job applied. 

Take the ‘SEO Analyst’ job for example. 

You will see the overall candidates who applied for this job role.

Here is how you can get the most out of the Job Listings section:

  • Applied: This shows the overall candidates who applied for a specific role, which, in this case, is ‘SEO Analyst’. 
  • AI Interview: This segment shows the candidates who passed the initial AI screening stage based on their fit for the role. This is to eliminate unbiased interviews with AI, employing a proctor monitoring system.
  • Interview: This section shows the list of candidates shortlisted for further evaluation through live interviews after the AI interview. You can also schedule an interview with a candidate at your own pace.
  • Hired: This will list those candidates who received a job offer and accepted the position.
  • Needs Review: Applications requiring your attention, possibly due to missing information or needing a decision on moving forward. Here you will have two options for the candidate — Reject or Shortlist.
  • Rejected: This will show the list of rejected candidates — those who are no longer being considered for the position.

What is the Talent Pool on HireIntel?

HireIntel's Talent Pool acts as your central hub for managing candidates. 

Here's what you can do:

  • Review Applications: Access all applications in one place, including resumes, contact information, and designations.
  • Search from Talents: You can browse the profiles of the candidates from the Talent Pool and easily access personal information.
  • Talent Filter: You can filter candidates based on their Skill, Domain, or Source. Pool not only allows you to view but also edit candidate profiles.
  • Track Stages: Monitor the progress of each candidate, i.e., whether it is in the ‘Applied,’ ‘AI Interview’, ‘Interview’, or ‘Hired’ stage.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Since HireIntel's Talent Pool data allows you to see candidates’ resumes, skills, and education, it empowers you to make well-informed hiring choices. 

Here's How It Works:

  1. Seamless Applications: Our user-friendly platform provides a centralised location for all applications.
  2. AI Takes the Wheel: AI pre-screens applicants based on your criteria, identifying the most qualified candidates.
  3. Unbiased Interviews: AI conducts initial interviews, saving you time and ensuring a fair assessment.
  4. Focus on What Matters: You conduct interviews with the top candidates, chosen by AI, to find the perfect match.

Plus, Automated Communication:

  • Application Confirmation: Applicants receive instant confirmation.
  • Shortlisting & Rejection Notifications: Candidates are kept informed throughout the process.
  • Interview Reminders: No missed interviews, with automated reminders for candidates.

HireIntel streamlines your hiring, saves you time, and helps you find the perfect candidate. Focus on what matters most — building your dream team.

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